My name is Claus and tend to tinker on the web, write about all things Apple, or create iOS / macOS apps in Swift. If you have questions, please contact me!

Open Access Helper

Open Access Helper is a macOS / iOS App that makes finding legal Open Access copies of scientific research easy! It's based on the fabulous APIs from unpaywall.org and core.ac.uk

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Tab Count

Tab Count is a Safari App Extension (macOS) with a simple mission, it'll show you how many Safari tabs & windows you have open. The app doesn't ask for any permissions and thus protects your privacy along the way.

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Wayback is a Safari App Extension (macOS), which sets out to help you interact with the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine in the most effortless and seamless way possible.

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If you travel for business, you might want to know the "Spesensatz" for a given location. This iOS app will geolocate you and lookup the correct Spesensatz, that your company (Germany) may reimburse you.

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Find your Instagram ID?

A surprising amount of users come here to find out what their Instagram User-ID might be. While you shouldn't have to look here, you can click the button below to find...

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Your IP

One of the things I need to know a lot is my own IP Address and to that effect I use the power of PHP to help myself and possibly you. Care about your IP Address?

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